Take That First Step

Take That First Step

At The Salon Professional Academy, we understand a career in cosmetology is more than just passing the state board exam! It is more importantly about preparing you for a successful long-term career within the beauty industry. Not only will you learn the necessary technical skills, but you will also learn critical business planning and communications skills that are needed to excel within this industry.

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Like our Cosmetology program, the Cosmetology + MUD program prepares you for a successful long term career in the beauty industry. Not only will you learn the necessary technical skills, business planning, and communication skills that you learn in our standard Cosmetology program, but you’ll spend an additional 84 hours learning MUD beauty essentials which is additional training in make-up application!

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The Esthetics program prepares you to face the ongoing challenges of keeping up on the trends, science, and products to meet consumers’ demands for a successful long-term career within the industry. Our Esthetics Program teaches you some of the latest techniques to purify, balance, and renew the skin, as well as the artistry of makeup application! You will also gain training and knowledge in business strategies and guest services.

During Massage Therapy training at The Salon Professional Academy, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body and a high degree of technical skills, along with extensive hands-on experience. Massage therapists utilize the amazing healing powers of touch to not only help clients relax and feel rejuvenated, but also to help restore optimum health after injury or illness!

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or hoping to build professional skills with a continuing education course, MUD Beauty Essentials provides a rigorous education in a vibrant learning environment for those interested in make-up for the entertainment, fashion, or retail industries!