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The Salon Professional Academy


Do you have Big Dreams?

The Salon Professional Academy works to drive your passion and creativity so that you can begin your journey towards becoming the best individual you can be!

We want to help you better understand yourself and how you wish to shape your career. Our caring instructors and local salon connections have the potential to help you reach your highest level of success upon graduation.

I​n order to provide our students with the opportunity to continue their journey at The Salon Professional Academy​ during the outbreak of Covid-19, we temporarily​ transitioned​ to​ online distance education​.​ We are now back in session in school ​​and ​want to continue to offer our students support, care, and a sense of certainty during this time.

On a daily basis, our students, graduates, and staff work to give guests a comfortable and amazing experience. You will apply technical skills to real customers while receiving one-on-one coaching with highly qualified professionals. Not only will you be building your skills in beauty and wellness, but you will also learn about business management, customer service, and personal & team communication.

Contact an admissions representative and start working today towards achieving your Big Dreams!

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