Cosmetology School Enrollment

At The Salon Professional Academy, we understand a career in cosmetology school is more than just passing the state board exam! Cosmetology school enrollment more importantly about preparing you for a successful long-term career within the beauty industry. Not only will you learn the necessary technical skills, but you will also learn critical business planning and communications skills that are needed to excel within this industry.

For the first ten weeks of the program, you will be with a class of no more than 20 students, where your creativity and learning will be allowed to flourish. The rest of the program will include a combination of classroom work and working on our simulated salon floor, getting hands-on training in a dynamic atmosphere with real guests, helping you become salon ready upon graduation.

Cosmetology school enrollment is just a few steps away.

Serving students from Rochester, MN, to right here in Onalaska, WI. Both in-person and virtual tours are available! Click here to schedule. Call or text 608-783-7400.


Cosmetology 1800 Program: 1800 hours / 53 weeks / 34 hours per week avg.
Application fee: $150
Tuition: $24,900
Books and kit: $3,034
Total estimate for program completion in normal time: $28,084

Optional iPad +2 Year Warranty: $426.00

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our program disclosures.

“The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) helped make my transition from being a transfer and nontraditional student a lot easier. It was much more than I ever thought I was going to get when I first came here. I feel that not only was the foundation set for me, but I was offered much more than that. One-on-one help or anything I needed was offered.

The entire staff is amazing! I think people from all over the country should come here to learn. As you’re starting to see other schools closing, this school is actually working to grow their programs! I think this speaks a lot to the confidence the owner, students, and community has for TSPA. I feel very lucky to have been a student here and I am now very proud to be an alumni.” – Ryan, Cosmetology Alumni