Is This Right For Me?

Is a Career in Beauty & Wellness for You?

  • Are you energized by the idea of making others feel great about themselves?
  • You’re seeking a career that allows you to express yourself creatively.
  • You tried learning or working in other fields, and found they’re just not the right fit.
  • You want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.
  • You desire an education that offers many career paths.

If these apply to you, the Beauty & Wellness industry may be the perfect fit for you.  Start at The Salon Professional Academy with your Big Dreams and leave with your career!

Both in-person and virtual tours are available! Click here to schedule. Call or text 608-783-7400.

“With my education from The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) I was able to build my own business in a new city over three hours away from home. I started out with nothing, but the education I got at TSPA and now applying that knowledge helped build my business FAST!

It’s possible for anyone, especially with the education at TPSA, which is way above most schools, that’s for sure.”

– Kristina Mlsna, Cosmetology Alumni

“I loved all of the instructors! They were so helpful and encouraging. Plus they made you feel like part of the The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) family. It was like home here. I was very sad to go. The program gives you the complete picture of the career you’ll be starting – from hours, to clients, to working in a salon with many different personalities.”

– Lacy, Cosmetology Alumni